RFID ball run

My good friends Nikolas Schmid-Pfähler – www.nachtproduktion.de – and Carolin Liebl – www.carolinliebl.de – invited me to join them in the effort of creating an RFID controlled ball run for HMM Deutschland. HMM’s wanted to showcase a complex filter algorithm used in one of their products with a simple but elegant machine. The machine should be based on hightech RFID and oldschool wooden ball runs almost everybody knows from his or her childhood. The result is a mix of stainless steel, wood, acrylic glass and electronic components.
The machine consists of the rail switch, ball container, feeding mechanism, RFID reading mechanism and a control panel. The rail switch, reading mechanism, RFID reading and the light barriers are controlled by an Arduino Mega. The control panel is operated by an Arduino Uno with multiplexed inputs and outputs. The two Arduinos communicate via I2C.

Ball run

Control Panel

Rail Switch

Slide Controls